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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Big Bedroom Dresser Makeover

I recently revamped a large dresser to add to our master bedroom DIY bedroom furniture collection. I love a clean home and I love when everything has a place. Mike has a lot of clothes and not enough space to put it all away. So I quickly decided to find another dresser for the room! I had an idea of the size, so I just waited for it to appear.

Sure enough a few days later a man pulled up to my shop to sell me a dresser. It was the perfect size, but definitely needed some cosmetic changes to fit in with our white and blue decor! We haggled a bit and I got it for $80! I put about $20 into the hardware and paint, and fixed her up.

Here is a picture of the piece before its makeover:

Here it is after!

What do you think? Oh, and here are our adorable animals the other morning when I left for work. They are so cute!

I usually bring Badger to the shop, but sometimes I leave him home on Saturdays to keep Mike company :) Here is Badger making his appearance in my most recent Furniture Consignment Center Facebook cover photo:

YAY! Have a wonderful day :) I'm off to the shop!

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