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Monday, May 31, 2010

Down by the Bay

We went down to the shore this morning at low tide. 

Needless to say the view totally rocked! Pun intended.
I found these stones - they are my color scheme and inspiration for my beachy bedroom. I can't wait to get decorating!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

DIY Decor: My Messy Room

This is the bulletin board in my room. I need an entire wall of cork board so I can put up all my STUFF. I love saving random papers and letters and postcards and wrapping paper and my own work. 
For example - this project I recently did while watching South Park episodes on my Wii Netflix won't have any space on my board!

andddd complete!

Friday, May 28, 2010

HGTV Green Home

When my sister and I were driving back from Cape Cod we stopped in Pine Hills to see the HGTV Green Home! And there it was!
Click here to read about the home and enter the sweepstakes.
Me standing on the porch. We couldn't get in because tours are not available on Mondays.
So we wandered around outside, the patio sure looked stunning. haha.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Three Sisters

We were driving through Eastham, MA and we passed a sign that said "Three Sister's Lighthouses." I was with my sisters so I said hey! Let's go take pics!
Here is the history about the Lighthouses
Me at my respective lighthouse.
The three sisters!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Destination: Provincetown, MA

On our Cape Cod getaway we visited the infamous P-town.

My sisters Katherine and Rachel being goofy!

The crew walking down Commercial Street. We bought lots of sweatshirts from Cuffy's at discount prices! The were some fabulous bargains. I will post pics of me in my new loungewear once I find my scrubby appearance suitable for posting.

I saw these in a shop - I intend to find some driftwood tomorrow, purchase some paints and stencils, and get to work on these myself. Perhaps mine will just say "beach" or "boardwalk." But I really like "Cape Cod."

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Provincetown Pleasures, Artistic Treasures

I took this picture whilst wandering the streets of Provincetown. Then I was looking in the Cape Cod Magazine and I came across an amazing artist. 
His name is Hans de Castellane, and he has some great pieces of art. Check him out!
There is the shop I took a picture of! Isn't his depiction of the scene so much more fun and vibrant? Awesome. 
His work info:
Commercial Street 2008
17"x21" | Acrylic on Canvas
$3400 Original | $325 Print, Limited Edition of 100

Mini Golf Gals

This is the Mini Golf place I used to go as a kid on vacation in Cape Cod. We went back here in May 2010 and took pictures on the old course.
The Game Barn! Rainy days can be wasted away on the Cape in this mini arcade.
My sisters and I on the mini golf course next to the big goofy rabbit.
This is a piece of artwork in the Gift Barn - it is similar to this one:
I hope to make my own pieces of art with these sea-green color scheme for my New England beach theme bedroom. One day. And I will blog about it heavily this I promise.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cape Cod's National Seashore

Today we had so many adventures! I will have to break them up into a few blog entries. Here is my sister Katherine with her extra bags with extra clothing, because the weather on the Cape is so unpredictable!

Our first stop was Cape Cod's National Seashore beach and HERE is an amazing map of the beaches along the Cape. 

Katherine and I at the National Seashore!

National Seashore, Cape Cod, MA

Such a beautiful pic, I plan on framing this for my room one day when I decorate my house. But for now I'll put it somewhere that I will see everyday... my Google homepage :) I just found out you can customize Google.com with any background image. Awesome! Now I can visit the beach everyday!

OH I love my new camera!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Real Rocky Beaches

Today I woke up and jumped on the bike with my new camera!!! I took a bunch of pics at the boardwalk beach in Sandwich. When we headed over to Sandy Neck Beach I actually forgot my camera but it's okay, cuz I didn't risk getting sand in it my dad said. Haha true.

Rocky New England beaches... I love it!

The beautiful flowers outside the house.

My sister Rachel - she is getting married in July! I hope I can help her plan the decorations. We went to an estate sale and bought a few hurricane vases for tall candles for decoration at the wedding reception. She'll figure out how to use them when she gets all of the materials she plans on acquiring between now and July 3rd.

This is just a welcome mat, but I love the detail and the pattern and the color. It is inspirational I think!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beachy Boardwalk

Hi! I am in Cape Cod. We are celebrating my graduation from Emerson College and my sister's completion of Harvard Law School! Tonight I had a Lobster Roll from Seafood Sam's in Sandwich, MA. Then we went over to the beach to see the sunset.

There's a boardwalk with names along the planks, it was beautiful!

Me at the beach! I have a recent obsession with scarves and that one's my fave! It has peace signs on it.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cape Cod Tomorrow!

I am heading to Cape Cod tomorrow and I am so excited to go... browsing! That's right, it's not about the beaches, not even planning on shopping. Just planning on browsing, looking at junk, checking out my fave New England beach theme decor. 

Of course the beaches are beautiful inspiration. I'll take lots of photos, and maybe some will make it into a frame for above my bed when I decorate it "beach theme"  

photo from iStock from Vacation-Cape-Cod blogspot

Monday, May 10, 2010

Decor by Destination: New England Beaches

New England beach theme is arguably my favorite decor by destination. I have always loved the rustic, white washed and driftwood aspects of Nantucket, Cape Cod, Connecticut and Maine beaches.

I recently visited a small beach town on the shore of Connecticut where I was wandering in and out of crafty beachy stores. I just loved this inspirational corner of stuff. 

 I came across this adorably jar that someone had wonderfully up-cycled into this little tea lamp treasure. 

This could be easy and cheap to do. Just find an old jar or two, wrap them with that small rope and secure a cute beach-themed trinket on there with a hot glue gun. It would look great right next to your seashell lamp... which you could also totally make yourself, and I intend to one day!

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