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Friday, May 21, 2010

Real Rocky Beaches

Today I woke up and jumped on the bike with my new camera!!! I took a bunch of pics at the boardwalk beach in Sandwich. When we headed over to Sandy Neck Beach I actually forgot my camera but it's okay, cuz I didn't risk getting sand in it my dad said. Haha true.

Rocky New England beaches... I love it!

The beautiful flowers outside the house.

My sister Rachel - she is getting married in July! I hope I can help her plan the decorations. We went to an estate sale and bought a few hurricane vases for tall candles for decoration at the wedding reception. She'll figure out how to use them when she gets all of the materials she plans on acquiring between now and July 3rd.

This is just a welcome mat, but I love the detail and the pattern and the color. It is inspirational I think!

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