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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rachel & Nathan's Pompano Pad

A few weeks ago I visited my older sister Rachel in Florida. She and her husband Nathan have a lovely apartment on the beach. I admire her thrifty sense of style. I snapped a few pics of her pad while I was down there to share with you. From what I understand, I wish I could have seen some photos of Nathan's not-so-chic apartment before Rachel came in and decorated it!

[living room]

[sleek shelving]

[pompano patio]

More pics to come, I promise!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Funny Friday

[via Tumblr]

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kelley in Baltimore

A few weeks ago I went to visit my friend Kelley in Baltimore. We drove to Philly to catch a Grace Potter concert, which rocked! Kelley is very well traveled. Within the past year she has been all over Europe and Africa! I poke fun at the fact that she has gone to 5 colleges in the past 5 years, and she still doesn't have her degree yet! She is graduating from Goucher College this May, I'll believe it when I see it haha, just kidding I know she will get it done with cum laude.

So, here are some pictures from my visit to Baltimore, featuring Kelley's apartment and her eclectic bedroom. I am envious of her wide collection of earrings and books!

[i'll have to ask Kelley for this mango-ginger-aloe smoothie recipe. it's literally the best smoothie ever.]

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Inside the Exterior

Do you ever drive by a beautiful (or ugly) home and wonder what it looks like on the inside? Well I do. So I decided to make a new blog post theme! I noticed that I have been subconsciously trying to keep a common thread among blog posts. For example, on Wednesdays I usually post a set of pictures to "help people get over their hump day." I don't know what day I will assign "Inside the Exterior" to, but I'd like to use the theme in the future! And maybe I'll make Follow Friday a weekly post, so I can share my favorite bloggers with you!

Today you should check out Ludwig Design!

Friday, April 1, 2011

I want...

...NO, i HAVE to make this. I have been craving lemon pound cake, but OMG this Lemon-Coconut Pound Cake Loaf from Southern Hospitality looks beyond better than simple lemon pound cake.

It looks absolutely delicious. Rhoda got this recipe from Southern Living magazine. Perhaps I will try this out on Saturday! I'm heading up to Vermont tonight for the weekend. According to Mike's reports, it is snowing up there! I'm sure he will want to hit the slopes on Saturday, which will leave me indoors to bake!

I'm not even going to say Happy April Fool's Day because I think this is a stupid holiday. But I am enjoying some of the funny Internet pranks pulled by Google and Hulu today. Just try googling "helvetica."

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