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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Beaches 360

As if I haven't blabbed about it enough, Mike and I went to Nantucket last weekend for a lovely mini vacation. Luckily the island was small enough to see most of it in the one day we were there.

Here are 2 panorama views of the beaches we visited late Saturday afternoon. Click on the image to take you to Dermandar.com to check them out. It's like you're standing on the beach with us!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cool Blue Paint Chip Art

A few weeks ago I assembled my first piece of paint chip art, and everyone seemed to love it! That weekend while out at garage sales, I happened upon a cruddy free frame, and it gave me an idea. On my home I stopped at Lowe's and creepily collected a ton of blue hued paint chips to match our cool blue master bedroom color theme.

First, I spray painted the frame white to freshen it up. Then I started slicing the paint chips vertically into thin strips. I covered the original piece of art with double sided tape to hold the pieces in place as I laid them down carefully lining up the strips and to prevent any gaps.

Here's a close up shot!

And voila! I have another paint chip art piece to add to the collection. I'll probably hang this up in the bedroom somewhere, eventually.

Project price = $1 for spray paint. WOOT! Happy Hump Day everyone! Make it good :)

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gracious Guest Bedroom

Hello and welcome back from a nice long Memorial Day weekend! The weekend flew by so quickly because we were so busy having fun. I did manage to finish a few new projects that I can't wait to share, but today I want to show off the fabulously decorated guest bedroom Mike's sister Laura and her husband Chris graciously let us stay in last weekend when we visited them on Nantucket. How great is this?

Thanks Laura and Chris! We had a wonderful time and we hope to visit again soon, if you'll have us of course! :)

Friday, May 25, 2012

Freebie Revamp: White Dresser

QuarDecor The Store is in business! I finally finished another freebie revamp. Last month I found this dresser on the side of the road (along with some other useful things).

So I took a page out of my favorite book and repainted it white, after stripping the paint, sanding it down and priming it, of course.

I just posted it on Craiglist for $35. It has a few imperfections, but it looks a lot better than it used to.

I learned a lot during this fix up, I made a few mistakes that I will try to avoid again. I am getting better at mapping out my steps in the furniture fix and paint process before I begin.

Next time I will try to use wood putty to fill in any nicks and chips in the old wood surface, and sand it down smooth before priming.

I also realize now that primer is VERY difficult to get off paint brushes. Every time I try to clean primer off a brush, it gets all over my hands (and in my hair), but never off the brush, so I have to throw it away :( From now on I am going to use disposable paint rollers to apply my primer coats. Lessons learned! I hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Feel free to follow me on Twitter to see what I'll be up to! @TheresaMcCabe

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I Love... Nantucket Mermaid

While out on Nantucket Island this weekend, Mike and I happened upon Jeanne van Etten's lovely shop filled to the brim with pretty and whimsical things.

If you aren't heading 30 miles out to sea anytime soon, then stop by her Nantucket Mermaid Etsy shop. Oh, and you can follow Jeanne on Pinterest too! Happy Friday!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

New England Beach Homes

I took a LOT of pictures this weekend on my visit to Cape Cod and Nantucket. And of course, many of these pictures were of houses! Here are some of the homes that caught my eye.

Mike pointed out this blue house when we drove by, he told me that he has always loved it! I see why.

These houses are bigger in person than in photos. Do you see iddy bitty Michael in the bottom right corner?

This was the one Nantucket beach home I was actually able to enter! This is Chris' parents' home at Sconset Beach. It appears very small from the outside, but they did a great job maximizing their space and they decorated it perfectly, in my taste! 

The master bedroom is quaint but unique, with the original built in drawers and closet on the wall.

The sea foam green hue is carried throughout the house and reflected beautifully in the shimmery shell-like back splash in the kitchen.

Two tight staircases on either side of the house each lead up to an adorable guest bedroom.

The main floor living space is spread out with plenty of seating, and a great upholstered bench at the dining table.

I hope you enjoyed my New England houses and homes tour 2012! You can look forward to a beachy 360 tomorrow.

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