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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Decor Theme: Classy Cheetah?

My collection of leopard print products is ever growing... I find it odd that I love cheetah print so much, since it doesn't exactly fall into the green and blue hues that I usually choose. But something about the jungle cat intrigues me.

But it makes me wonder, can cheetah print be classy? Surely little pops of print can bring an otherwise bland room to life, but I am afraid the pattern will never fit in a Vermont country side home.

For example, this 16" Leopard Print Drum Shade from Shades of Light in Virginia. Or this "Leona" Chair Jeff Zimmerman Collection by Key City. How cute are they?

Add a little feline fun in the bathroom with this Abyss Cheetah Bath Rug over at Bloomingdales.

Add some printed bling to your accessory collection with this Betsey Johnson Round Dial Leopard Strap Watch. Love!

Unfortunately these exotic pieces would look out of place in the house, but I will never stop trying to find a way to incorporate cheetah print in my life. Perhaps we will just have to get a cat that resembles a baby cheetah. Yes, that will have to do.


  1. Loving leopard ATM! That lampshade is GORGEOUS, and those kittens well...simply adorable.

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