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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

360 Fire Pit View

This weekend was filled with a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. On Saturday Elly and I had a garage sale, I think I made $20 in total! I ended up giving a lot of my junk to the Goodwill after the sale. Unfortunately I didn't sell some of my big ticket items, like my white desk and my blue shelf. Now that I still have them in my possession I am thinking about fixing them up with a fresh coat of paint and selling them for some real loot.

Meanwhile, my cheetah print rug just sold on Craigslist for a quick $50. I'm really going to miss that thing.

On Sunday Mike and I were busy on our own projects in the driveway like usual. He installed a new hitch on his car for the trailer he just got, while I sanded primed and painted that free dresser I've been holding onto... Pics to come, obviously.

On Sunday as the sun was setting I ran outside and snapped a bunch of pictures for a 360 view of the yard at 32 Discovery. I wanted to show off Mike's awesome fire pit! Click over to Dermander.com to see this seamless 360 view of the beautifully mowed lawn! (It looks great Mike!)

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