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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Birthday Bash: Nantucket Getaway

I am 24 years old today! Thank you to everyone for the kind birthday wishes!

Oh my gosh I want to scream with excitement because my birthday celebration is just beginning... Mike is taking me to Nantucket this weekend! We are going out to visit his sister Laura and her husband Chris, who are both real estate agents on the island.

Laura is a sales and rental broker with Great Point Properties, while Chris works with a "rival" real estate company on the island, J Pepper Frazier. How fun is that?

So in light of my travels to the place I've always wanted to go, I've decided to feature a few houses for sale on the island for the next few days. Maybe there will be some open houses on Saturday that Mike and I can stop by... hahah! Yeah, right. Either way, I've already warned Mike that I will be taking pictures of EVERYTHING the entire time. Feel free to follow me on Twitter @TheresaMcCabe for constant pics and updates of my every move!


Today's Home
214 Eel Point Road, Nantucket, MA.

Price: $16,900,000
Bedrooms: 9
Bathrooms: 8
Lot Size: 6.9400 acres

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