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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New England Beach Homes

I took a LOT of pictures this weekend on my visit to Cape Cod and Nantucket. And of course, many of these pictures were of houses! Here are some of the homes that caught my eye.

Mike pointed out this blue house when we drove by, he told me that he has always loved it! I see why.

These houses are bigger in person than in photos. Do you see iddy bitty Michael in the bottom right corner?

This was the one Nantucket beach home I was actually able to enter! This is Chris' parents' home at Sconset Beach. It appears very small from the outside, but they did a great job maximizing their space and they decorated it perfectly, in my taste! 

The master bedroom is quaint but unique, with the original built in drawers and closet on the wall.

The sea foam green hue is carried throughout the house and reflected beautifully in the shimmery shell-like back splash in the kitchen.

Two tight staircases on either side of the house each lead up to an adorable guest bedroom.

The main floor living space is spread out with plenty of seating, and a great upholstered bench at the dining table.

I hope you enjoyed my New England houses and homes tour 2012! You can look forward to a beachy 360 tomorrow.

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