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Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Fabulous Friday

Yes, it is Friday! This week was a tough one. Even though it was short! A few co-workers were up from the DC office so the week was filled with meetings. The thing with meetings is they disrupt the work you need to get done, and then when you come out of the meeting you have 5 more ideas and things you need to do. Wow!

Well Mike asked if we can go tag sale-ing again this weekend. Know what I said? YES YES YES! He's awesome.

Here are a few finds from last weekend's endeavors!

[tag sale finds]

I spent about $35 and I came home with:

cupcake baking tray
living room side table
4 candles
"Made in Vermont" cutting board
cooler with wheels
blue and white throw blanket
light house decor
2 umbrellas
wood crate
wine opener
green lamp

Wait don't peek! I'm still living out of boxes! I have no where to put a bunch of my stuff because my awesome desk didn't fit in my room :(

[pardon the mess]


This weekend my goal is to find a desk or a vanity that will fit in my tiny bedroom door!

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