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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Jello Shot Stains & Ugly Sweaters

This weekend I held my now famous Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. We made tons of treats for people to nibble on during the party, including my fabulous green and red Christmas colored jello shots!

While making the jello cups on Friday night, I spilled an entire ladle full of boiling hot jello mix across my counter! I quickly tried to soak up the spill, but it was too late... my entire counter top had turned red.

Elly Googled jello stain removal and we found two tips that really worked:

1 - Mr. Clean Magic Eraser pads
2 - Borax

I scrubbed out the stain, leaving behind an unnoticeable red tinted countertop.

Now for pictures!!!! Look at all the hideous sweaters!!

Roommates: Me, Elly & Heather

Curtis didn't have an ugly sweater so I wrote "Hairy Christmas" on his shirt with stocking stickers...

Chris, Mike & Kevin decked out in their creative Christmas gear. Mike & Kevin spent 3+ hours on their sweaters... Chris was an impostor, but ugly just the same.

Thanks everyone for making my party so much fun!

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