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Friday, June 8, 2012

Vermont Backyard

June came so quickly I have barely had any time to stop and smell the roses, and daffodils, azaleas, lilacs, tulips and all the other lovely flowers that grow here in Vermont around this time.

Mike and I have worked really hard to prep the vegetable garden in the backyard this spring. This picture below is NOT my garden... I wish! It is the inspiration garden I've used as we've been working hard on ours. Truth be told, ours is even bigger than this one!

This is what the garden looked like when we started going at it... It's been covered with that black tarp for years, so there has been a lot of time for plants to grow through the plastic.

We ripped back the tarp and yanked out all the overgrowth, finding many critters hiding under the plastic. Watch out for the snakes!!

The soil underneath the tarp is rich and ripe for gardening. I hired a dude to come roto-till last week. Here is the garden, all fenced in with seeds ready to sprout!

Unrelated to the garden work, the horses next door have been escaping their fence during the day lately, and yesterday they stopped by our yard to leave us a "present." Mike's dad said they were just trying to fertilize my garden but the fence was in the way! Haha ew.

But it's not all work and no play in our back yard, we are also busy having fun! Here's a shot of the firepit Mike built in the side yard ready to rock. I was about to enjoy some grilled corn.

And here I am about to tear it up on the 4-wheeler!

Okay that is all. I hope everyone has a  great Friday! I woke up super early this morning to take the paint tape down in the guest bedroom, and prep the walls for painting this evening after work. I want to help Mike out as much as I can before I ferry across Lake Champlain to Plattsburgh, NY tomorrow for an AAU basketball tournament... Before and after pictures to come!


  1. Ahh! I'm jealous of your beautiful garden!. Snakes are so scary but good for the garden I hear!

  2. What a gorgeous backyard you have! You are so lucky to have horses right next door. I grew up next to a horse farm, and I miss them terribly!


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