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Friday, September 14, 2012

I've Been a Busy Badger

I'm trying not to feel guilty about not posting on my blog lately, but I have been so busy since Mike and I adopted a dog last week!

Badger Great Pyrenees Mix Dag

His name is Badger. He is a 16 month old Great Pyrenees rescue, and despite his size, he is still very much a puppy.

Badger Great Pyrenees Mix Dog

There he is in his perch peeking out the window.

Mike and Badger going for a stroll in our neighborhood.

He loves car rides!

Floppy face on the floor.

Badger Great Pyrenees Face Lips Nose Eyes Mix Dog

Mike and Badger out in our yard.

So far he is doing pretty well. He just came down with a yucky tummy ache and I had to give him some treatment for fleas, so he isn't feeling that great, but we are sure that he is very happy to be in such a quiet and loving home after being shuffled around from shelter to shelter for so long.

I am heading down to NYC for the weekend to visit some friends and to celebrate my dad's birthday! When I get back I am going to finish my ombre blue desk. You guys are gonna LOVE it.

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