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Monday, November 12, 2012

Reupholstered Dining Chairs

First of all I want to thank Cindy for graciously donating her dining table and chairs to me and Mike! (Cindy is Kelley's mom, and Kelley is my best friend) I told Kelley I am simply holding on to the set until she moves back up to Vermont. :)

So here is a chair pre-reupholstery.

And here is he after!

I love how fresh the pattern looks with the dark wood chairs. It also syncs up famously with the painted white table legs. Love!

So this is what our dining room area looks like right now... the white trim for the ceiling is waiting to be mounted, and we just ordered a new chandelier. It's all coming together, slowly but surely.

Have a great week!


  1. love the fabric choice! very cute :)

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  3. What a reupholstered example. Well, this was my first entrance into this wonderful decor world and much more excited finding some posts to make me super enchanted. The previous and after redoing chair look really nice. I appreciate your beautiful project. Though I was hunting for gorgeous dining tables' design and affordability ideas online, I was happy to find your elegant job surely.

  4. Greetings Theresa. At the start up I would like to leave my home decor loving thanks to you for this great job. The dining table and chair with fabulous beauties you explored before us was totally mind-charming. Indeed the fresh bright patter on the dark wood chair look perfect. You got a nice dinning space too. Love your smart and elegant renovation. In fact, I was searching for affordable outdoor lounge chair online, but your reupholstered dining chairs project made me feel better after entering your beauty-world.

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