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Friday, October 18, 2013

Guest Room & Life Update

Happy Friday all! Lately I have been feeling inspired. This week I made it a point to create, design, paint, write, laugh, sing and stretch as much as possible! I am feeling so fabulous! On Monday I did yoga, on Tuesday I cooked a delicious dinner with my best friend, on Wednesday I checked a few home design books out of the library before yoga. On Thursday morning I painted watercolors after my 2 mile hike with Badger and that night I hung out with Mike for some seriously needed TV & talk time.

Today I woke up feeling fulfilled in so many aspects of my life. I am so grateful! Okay enough life stuff, onto the house talk!

I've been trying to solidify the guest room design. I know I want it to be a practical home office/bedroom, I just have to design and find! I just wanted to post a photo of what the room looks like right now.

Guest room in progress!

Okay that's all for today :) I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'll be at the shop, stop by and say hi!

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