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Monday, February 28, 2011

Delighted With White

I always seem to be attracted to white decor. This weekend I went to visit Mike in Vermont and we spent a lot of time discussing his in-progress home renovation. Every room needs help. A lot of help. But I told him to start with his small bottom floor bathroom, it's already gutted and in shambles. I suggested he tackle his entire house room by room. and not move onto until his bathroom is complete.

But this post isn't even about his his tragic bathroom. This is about my obsessions with white kitchens. His kitchen is dark, outdated and country. I really think white would brighten up the space and freshen it up a bit, but he is insisting on cherry wood. That's fine I'll continue fantasizing about my dream kitchen, and one day that will come true.

This post from How Does She? about a kitchen makeover totally inspires me.

Missy even says, "I love how clean and crisp and happy it makes me every time I walk in."

But on Sunday while Mike and I were looking through example kitchen decos online he told me I shouldn't ever have anything white because I make such a mess! This is misleading, I am a clean freak, but I have a tendency to be clumsy and make a mess. I hope he is wrong, because I love white, but he is partially right because white is not a practical color at all! But it's so pretty.

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