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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen Decor by Candice Olson

There are only a couple of interior designers that I can recall by name. Candice Olson is one of the few whose name I can remember... and this is basically only be because she is on HGTV. I really do enjoy watching her show Divine Design With Candice Olson. She always does something that I really like, and produces a room that I would be completely comfortable living in. 

This kitchen is gorgeous and really gives me some great ideas for my boyfriend's kitchen. The light fixture stands out because it's so simple and country, but it's elegant at the same time. The open cabinets always hook me in, but I realize they are not very practical. I mean really, how are you fitting glasses, tumblers, mugs plates, measuring cups, cheese graters and colanders all in that one cabinet next to the fridge?

The description of the photo in Olson's portfolio reads, "The denim blue painted cabinets and wood beadboard backsplash add a punch of warmth to this kitchen. Meanwhile the stainless steel appliances, accessories and island top add a modern touch to the space."

I had originally thought that I didn't like the steel island top, but then came to realize that without the shimmer off that counter, the room would be covered in black countertop and would likely be gloomily dark. The stainless steel pops out from the dark backdrop and really gives this kitchen a deep, strong feeling, like a delicious filling meal.

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