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Friday, May 3, 2013

Home Renovation: Does It Ever End? Save Me Genevieve!

It seems like Mike and I always have a super long list of home renovation projects. The kicker is we are always trying to do it on a budget.

So far we've cleaned, painted and decorated the guest rooms, painted the halls upstairs, redid our master bedroom and bathroom, and completely redid the living and dining room. (I'm so sorry I haven't posted these pictures yet. I promise I will this week) Here is our remaining list:

Kitchen - The whole thing. Paint, Table, Curtains, Lighting, Cabinets, Sink, Countertops, Microwave, GenAir Down Draft Gas Stove/Oven (Need Gas Line First), Refrigerator (Freezer Bottom) Here is my Kitchen Pinterest Board where I've been collecting inspiration. I want to draw a little bit of each. I also have a Houzz "kitchen ideas" album. LOVE both these sites.

Bathrooms - Redo 3 of the 4 bathrooms in the house. Tear out the laminate and tile it! I want better water pressure and really nice toilet - not that I don't love having to hold the handle down for 30 seconds to make sure it fully flushes. I'm not feeling particularly inspired by any style. Mike will choose a nice decor, I just have to help him rip it out and then install everything.

Change 2nd Floor Carpeting - Right now we have a very outdated and allergen attracting borderline shag carpet throughout the entire second floor. EVEN the master bathroom! Hopefully that will change in the bathroom makeover.

Tile the Entryway and Replace Front Screen Door

Laundry Room - Redesign the layout, paint and replace the washer and dryer.

BASEMENT - this is in caps because it will be the last project we get to. It's the most fun to do but the least important, so the responsible thing to do would be to get everything else done first and then the basement. So that is what Mike and I are doing. We're so good. Of course since I can't wait until I have my own exercise room and a sweet home movie theater and a rockin' functioning bar with a hot tub out on the patio, I have a Houzz "basement ideas" album to gather my ideas.

Oh and some point make or find curtains for the TV Room, the bathroom and the bedroom.

And this is why I hope I win the Windex Touch Up Sweepstakes. Now I know this isn't a contest, but wouldn't I be the perfect person to bestow this $10,000 towards the kitchen? That will at least get us past the most painful part of home renovation: the MONEY.


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