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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Spring 2013 at 32

The weather has been absolutely perfect these past few days, and Mike has been working really hard to improve the curb appeal at the house. I took a bunch of pictures yesterday before I headed to work. Here are some photos:

Some flowers blooming in the circle in the driveway.

Last year Mike planted tons of bulbs throughout the property. They are filling out nicely!

That's the rock wall Mike is building. AMAZING!

Closer view of the rock wall.

The bulbs Mike planted last year are starting to bloom.

A view of the house from the front yard.

More flowers :)

Gorgeous purple ground cover. Mike said his mom transported this plant from New York many years ago!
Mike built the wall, cut down trees and planted some flowers on the side yard.
The view from the screened porch has much improved!

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