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Monday, February 27, 2012

Fun Hangover

I have a hangover today. It's a fun hangover. I had SO much fun this weekend in Orlando at my best friend's wedding that I'm nearly hitting a state of depression as I type this fervently at my office desk. I was so happy to leave this office on Thursday evening, but I felt the absolute opposite of that precious elated feeling when I pulled into my parking spot this morning.

Anyways, I hope that I am not bumming you out too much. Perhaps you can relate. There aren't too many photos from the wedding out yet, I'm sure they will start trickling out on my Facebook feed over the next few days, but for now I will share some of the mobile uploads I put up yesterday via @TheresaMcCabe on Twitter and theresamccabe on Instagram, and a rogue pic from Facebook.

Have a happy Monday, if you can.

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