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Friday, February 3, 2012

SO BUSY... Cool Blue Hues

Yesterday I was SO BUSY that I didn't get a chance to prepare a blog post for today. I barely even have time to be writing this right now, but I just have to, or I will actually go insane.

I was stuck late at the office yet again last night (insert curse words mixed with loud groans here) so I was unable to join Mike in picking out a paint color for his master bedroom. When I finally got to his house to help him tape and paint the room, he had already gone to Lowe's and chosen the color himself. When I realized what color he picked, I cried a little.

But don't worry, they were tears of JOY! He ended up getting my favorite shade of blue! Valspar Gallon Interior Matte Paint in Cool Sheets.

This blue is so cool that it's almost turquoise! We are going to paint the base boards and window trim white, eventually. My goal is to have the room will be featured on House of Turquoise one day... hehe!

I told him that now I can't wait for garage sale season to furnish the room with some sweet Theresa McCabe DIY originals... I strongly advise you stay tuned...

Okay back to work. Sad Face.

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