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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Whoopie Pie Wafer Incident

Last week I decided I wanted to make whoopie pies. I intended for them to look like footballs for the Super Bowl, which, need I remind you, the FABULOUS New York Giants won...

Anyways. I made up my own recipe, and it totally failed me. The whoopie pies came out of the oven looking more like whoopie wafers:

But that didn't discourage me, I took my new heart shaped cookie cutter and made heart shaped whoopie pies! They looked nice, but they were wayyy too sweet (I know, how can that be possible?? I'm telling you, it is...) and the cream filling was weirdly runny and oozy. Another fail.

 But I didn't give up! I went ahead and rolled some vanilla frosting into the excess whoopie pie cake crumbles and made chocolate fudge brownie cake balls. Thankfully these were very much a success.

I really want to just give up trying to bake new stuff. I am good at making cake balls, so that's probably what I'll whip up for our Valentine's Day party this weekend. I'm so excited! I bought pretty new shoes and a new dress, at a thrift store obviously... Don't worry I'll post pictures. Did I even have to say that? Have a good one!

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