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Monday, March 26, 2012

Bed is Built!

This weekend Mike and I divvied up a bunch of errands. He was in charge of switching my tires and catching the mouse that has been living in our kitchen snack cabinet, while I finally got to taking down the Christmas lights and scrub-cleaning the bathroom.

One thing we did together was build the glorious new king size bed frame! The Chameleon Spice White Bed Frame turned out to be as amazing as I had expected. The headboard has 3 removable upholstered panels that can be customized with any fabric. The color that it comes covered in works just fine for now, it's a soft "camel" color as Mike says.

King Size Spice White Chameleon Bed Frame
[via my instagram]

The bed is really big, I mean it's massive.  Look how much space it takes up in the room:

King Size Spice White Chameleon Bed Frame Camel Panels

We also ordered 4 curtain panels for the bay window, and this week we plan to get those curtains up!

Jaclyn Smith Today Ivory Symphony Curtain

Today is Monday, pretty much my least favorite day of the week, but I am still trying to smile. I am running my first AAU basketball practice tomorrow. I've been coaching this practice in my dreams for the past few weeks so I think I am ready :) Have a good day everyone!

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