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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Before and After: Master Bedroom Painted!

Mike and I finally finished painting the master bedroom! After helping him pick out this amazing shade of blue, we worked tirelessly to prep, putty, sand and wash the ceilings and walls, then painted for days. 

Here is the raw before and after:

Valspar Gallon Interior Matte Paint Cool Sheets Painted Master Bedroom

Do ya love it? We also had the carpet cleaned last night by a pro, so it's ready for furniture! The king size mattress is already here (you can see it rolled up in the "after" picture) and the white Chameleon bed frame is going to be shipped to the house this weekend. The dressing room closets are all cleared out, ready to filled up with clothes!

I am getting ready to fly down to New York this weekend for a city-wide St. Patrick's Day Celebration. Janice, Maria, Frank, Anuj and I are going on the "
Saint Paddy's Luck of the Irish Pub Crawl" on Saturday! Then on Sunday I am looking forward to relaxing at the house in Rye with Rita and a few of the sibs, and sleeping in the beautifully decorated guest bedroom :) Happy Thursday!

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