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Friday, March 16, 2012

Green Hair!

I finally did it! I dyed the tips of my hair!! I bought some cheap (hopefully) temporary hair dye and sprayed the tips this morning before coming into work (no one has even noticed lol)

Dyed Tips Blonde Hair Green Dye Temporary

I actually REALLY want to do this to my hair with blue or turquoise for the summer, so I figured this was a good excuse to try out some color! * August 2012 update: I did it! Look at my blue hair! *

I also made green cake balls for the office:

And obviously just painted my nails green for the weekend like I said I would!!

I'm pretty sad I won't get a chance to make any fun sweet treats this weekend, but I am looking forward to hanging out with my besties in NYC. My flight to JFK is at 5:03 pm today :) Happy Friday everyone! And I hope everyone has a great happy, safe St. Patrick's Day tomorrow.

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