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Monday, January 9, 2012

Great Weekend!

I had such a great weekend! I am so excited I got my first pet!!!! My best friend/roomie/6th sister Elly and I bought ourselves beta fishies and super cool light up tanks! It's my new night light :) btw my 6 sisters = Katie, Rachel, Lillian, Trisha, Bri & Elly.

I named my fishy after the street I live on here in Winooski... Niquette! I decided his name is kinda girly, so I think I'll call him Barbara Streisand for short.

On Saturday I rearranged and tidied up my wonderful bedroom and put the tank on the blue shelf next to my desk.

OMG He's looking at me right now, he is such a thug! I also put the Cape Cod calendar up next to his tank so he can remind me when my appointments are.

The tank is so sweet, it changes colors!

Sidenote: I love my bed...

This is the first regular 5 day work week in a while, so everybody hang in there! Let's hope it flies by so we can enjoy yet another wonderful winter weekend. Good Day!

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