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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Mastered DIY Curtains

First of all, I want to share some really exciting news! Yesterday I formally announced that I will be the new Web & Social Media Specialist at Vermont Public Television! My primary responsibility in this position will be to develop engaging content online and through social media. I can't wait! My first day in April 16, which means my last day at Wyatt Investment Research is Friday the 13th. Meet me for happy hour in Burlington if you're around!!

Anyways, onto my regularly scheduled content... This weekend Mike and I hung up the curtains in the master bedroom. The bay window caused quite a challenge for us.

Mike picked up some curtain hardware intended for bay windows, like this one from Macy's, which has bendy joint pieces that screw onto the rods, but the rods were too short. So we ended up going out and buying a wooden rod, which I spray painted black, and drilled holes in, myself! I also had to spray paint the actual rods black as well, because as Mike pointed out, they were the color of "brushed bronze."

So we put them together, and drilled them into the freshly painted walls in the master bedroom. Voila!

We ran out to the Christmas Tree Shoppe and snagged a few ties for the curtains to class it up... Here is a picture I snapped this morning before heading out the door:

Well we love it so far! The room is coming together slowly but surely. Hopefully it will be all ready to sleep in by the time I move in at the end of May! Happy Tuesday everyone :)

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