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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Trading Words for Phrases

Mike used to say "Jeezum Crow" a lot. Urban Dictionary explains this phrase is "a polite way to take the Lord's name in vein popular in rural Vermont." So it's really just a "benign alternative to the pejorative "Jesus Christ," as this random web site states.

Well this phrase annoys me for some reason. I don't know why, but I begged Mike to stop using it, or at least not everyday.

(Could he have been responsible for creating this actual Facebook group called I use the expression "Jeezum Crow!" on a daily basis? Maybe.)

Now Mike has started saying "Yut" instead of "Yup" when he responds to me. Of the several definitions of "yut" listed on Urban Dictionary, this one seems to apply the best to the context he uses it: "YUT = Yelling Useless Things. Marine corps term derived in order to make fun of officers and the stupid things they say. Also used when agreeing to something when you have no idea what was said."

So I have asked him to please take the word "Yut" out of his vocabulary and as a consolation he can use the phrase "Jeezum Crow" as often as he likes. Are there any phrases that totally irk you????

I am busy Tweeting and Facebooking and LinkedIning and Google+ing for Vermont Public Television now. I am enjoying my new gig, in fact, I just made a Vermont Public Television Pinterest! So check us out :)

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