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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paint Chip Art: Deep Blue Sea

This easy art project cost me a total of 99 cents! I found the frame in a "free pile" at a garage sale last weekend, and stealthily collected the paint chips at a number of our local hardware store, which we visit often. Let me break it down for you:

Black Spray Paint: $0.99
Frame: Free
Paint Chips: Free

Project Cost Total: 99 cents

So I sliced and diced the paint chips to all be the same size rectangle shape. Then I carefully stuck the rectangles onto an easily constructed "sheet" of packing tape in a deep ocean blue gradient pattern.

I spray painted the old wood frame black to really make the piece pop! (Mike's request) It's always hard to get the final picture with the art in the frame because the glass reflects an image of me trying to take a picture!

Do you see me in the reflection of the glass? Haha hi!

Let me tell you, these pictures stink, but it truly turned out to be an exquisite piece of art. I will try to snap some better pictures tonight :) Happy Tuesday/Friday since we have tomorrow off for Fourth of July!!


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