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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Looney Goons

My Aunt Margaret emailed me today to tell me she has decided on the house she, Uncle Eric and my cousin Brendan will be moving to in Connecticut. They currently live in a beautiful home in Westport, CT in Fairfield County, but they have decided to change locations!

I am so excited for her to have the chance redecorate a new home. She has an excellent sense of style. Aunt Margaret is obviously my favorite aunt. I go to her when Rita (my momma) is dishing out her usual tough love. But that's not to say my mom hates fun. She is cool like me! Here is proof...

Here is a picture of me, in pink feetsie pajamas, and my Aunt Margaret, just a feewwww years ago. I am always cheesing at the camera, and I have to admit, I still strike this pose today.

And here, hilariously, is a picture of some of the McGrath kiddies, including Margaret and my mother. Can you guess which cheeseball is my mom? Yep, it would be the one making my pose. Hehe, I guess looniness runs in the family.


  1. Thank you for putting these pictures side by side...definitely worth a thousand words! -your sis Rachel

  2. haha YES i know, it IS hilarious. I hope to feature your Feng Shui Florida home on QuarDecor after I snap a few pics on my visit next week


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