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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Because I'm Adorable

It's Thursday! You know what that means. Yup the beginning of my weekend. All my friends know I like to make moves on Thursday evening and work remote on Friday. This weekend I am finally going to visit Mike in Vermont, yay! I haven't seen him in a month since I've been traveling so much. I went to Florida last weekend, Baltimore + Philly the weekend before that and New York City before that! So finally I get to make my way back up to the old Green Mountain State.

Since Mike and I are so often apart, I like to send him letters and cards from time to time, and he even sends some back! And that is why I titled this blog post, 'Because I'm Adorable.' Yah, it's because I'm adorable.

I made him this card the other day! Ha I'm the cutest.

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