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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My Study Nook

My bedroom has a nice nook for my desk. As I was redecorating my room to fit my New England beach theme, it took me and my mother a few months to finally find the perfect desk. I needed something that fit in the nook, and it had to have ample storage.


This is what my desk corner looked like during my college years. I liked to stick things up on the wall whenever I was inspired, but once I graduated I wanted a more simple, de-cluttered fresh space.


I finally achieved the look I was going for, but it took a number of months of hunting for each and every piece. The desk was the first purchase we made. My mom found it at a garage sale in New York, and had to load it into her van and drive it up to Boston for me. It's heavy, so luckily my roommate was in the mood for a workout once it got here. We lugged it up the stairs and were excited to find that it fit perfectly! I'll leave all you tag sale hunters with a bit of advice: measure every space when going to find furniture. You may see something you love but when you get it back to the house your heart will break if you realize it don't fit!

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