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Friday, March 18, 2011

Beachy Shelf Trinkets

In a previous post I featured a picture of my blue shelf, and I bragged about finding in on Craigslist for a mere $20 buckaroos. It was obviously a wooden shelf painted whitish bluish, but it works perfectly in my room.

As you can see the shelf has several items, arranged meticulously in their special spots. Just kidding, kind of.

I like to brag about deals, so let me tell you about the cheap pieces I found to display on this sweet bookshelf.

Pictures frames: Each $1 at a tag sale. They originally had small rope with beads spelling out 'it's a boy,' but I replaced it with some random straw stuff I had, and put images of beachy magazine cutouts.
Candle: $1 at the same tag sale, score!

The sand dollars were my biggest splurge. I found them for $1 each at an awesome overflowing shell shop in Sag Harbor.

Jewelry box: Free. I found this in the basement in my mom's house. I then pasted, or decoupaged if you will, that decorative paper to the front of the drawers. Not sure how I like it, but it's there until something better comes along and ousts it. How do you like my attempt at beach themed trinketry? 

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