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Monday, March 7, 2011

I Honestly Like the Rain

I spent the weekend in New York City with my sister Katie and best friend Maria! It was so great. I slept in really late on Sunday. It was pouring for the entire day as I trekked through the city and made my way back up to Boston on the Bolt Bus, but I didn't mind.

I don't know why but rain always makes me smile. A lot of people don't like the rain, and I understand that. Sometimes when getting into work at 8 am soaked head to toe from my 20 minute walk to the office, I walk past my coworker upon entering and say "it's miserable out there!"

I happened upon a compilation of Awesome Rain Photography when I was searching for a desktop background. And these were my favorites.
This won picture of the week for Time Magazine in August 2008. The picture shows a woman sheltering herself during an approaching hurricane in Havana, Cuba.
Oh but I didn't use one of these as my backgrounds. I used another one that now I can't find. I'd like to take a great picture in the rain but I am afraid to get my camera wet!

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